After a decade-long hiatus following her initial foray into music with the release of “Dubb Play-It Vol 1: The Reggae Soul EP” in 2013, Kei Dubb makes her triumphant return to the music scene in 2023. She’s set to reintroduce this beloved project with a remastered edition and embark on a thrilling new musical journey with an upcoming live show experience titled “The Makings of Me: Decades in Song.”

Renowned as a seasoned live performer who consistently delivers unforgettable stage performances, Kei Dubb now takes the helm of her new production in collaboration with the talented J Blaze. In the upcoming Fall of 2023, Kei is poised to release a series of fresh records that promise to capture the electrifying energy of her live shows while showcasing her naturally soulful style, complete with her signature jazz riffs and the warm, inviting tones that her audience has come to cherish.

Get ready to experience Kei Dubb’s music like never before.

May His Legacy Live On...

"Hands-down, one of the best things to ever happen to me was meeting and being mentored by the late, great, Fredric Nathaniel 'Toots' Hibbert. Tributing this great man is not just an honour but a duty.

I had the distinct pleasure of paying homage while he was alive and could appreciate it. For me, continuing to do so in concert and through recorded tributes is a natural. I will continue to lift up his work and legacy as I commit to building my own."

  December 8, 1942 - September 11, 2020  

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Dubb Play-It Volume 1: Reggae & Suul (remastered)


Beautiful (A'capella)


Beautiful (Drumapella)


Beautiful (Dubstep vs. House Remix)

Musically Speaking...

Jazzy, soulful, sophisticated, rootsy, street and dynamic are just a few of the words used to describe talented vocalist, writer, choreographer (also a former dancer) and budding producer Kei DUBB.


From the humble beginnings of the JCDC Festival competitions in Kingston, Jamaica to the international stages of Montpellier, France, and Washington DC, USA, Kei DUBB brings her dynamic energy to every stage she graces.


As early as age six, it became clear to teachers, parents and peers that Kei DUBB was no ordinary musical talent. Born Kerri-Anne Chantelle Walker, to musical parents Neville Walker (Mechanical Engineer) and Valrie Taylor-Walker (ICT Lecturer and Trainer), Kei DUBB’s interest in music began early. She would often listen to her parents’ old Soul records and quickly fell in love with the likes of Sam Cooke, Mille Jackson, Ben E. King and Anita Baker.

Kei DUBB’s formal musical career began at the Trafalgar Christian Preparatory School as there she was nurtured by her then music teacher Mr. Harvey. From there Kei DUBB participated in the local JCDC competition in the categories recorder and voice where she went on to win gold, silver and certificate of merit awards and even performed by special request for the then Minister of Education The Hon. Burchell Whiteman. Kei DUBB also captured the coveted, Musician of the Year award three consecutive times. Her achievements would see her being invited to study under the tutelage of Rosina Christina Moder at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. She was only around 9 years old at the time.

In high school, Kei DUBB continued her tradition of excellence in music, lending her talents at school concerts and singing with the school’s gospel choir. Kei DUBB also won awards of excellence and merit in music while attending her high school. While at University Kei DUBB continued to sing and perform in many productions as both coordinator and cast member.

In 2009, while living in France, Kei DUBB performed wherever she could be heard covering songs from the likes of Whitney Houston, Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. After seeing the response of audiences Kei DUBB ventured took the plunge and started performing her original songs. Her very first performance of Move Along, a song she wrote prior to moving to France, was recorded live at the Olivier Pub in Montpellier France and was overwhelmingly well received.


“Performing Move Along in Montpellier was an experience I will never forget simply because I was performing my own song for the first time on an International Stage. I was a Jamaican girl whom no one had heard of prior but everyone was humming along by the time I got to the second verse. It was a very moving experience. It was a good way to start my professional career abroad.”

Since her 2009 French debut, Kei Dubb has shared the stage with the likes of Raine Seville, Stratdon, Nickeishia Barnes, George Nooks, Pinchers, Desi Jones, Tanya Stephens and Beenie Man among others. The bilingual talent has also been working with international rising stars and has had her music featured on mixtapes, radio stations and blogs spanning the globe. Her 2013 Extended Play (EP) Project Dubb Play-It Volume 1: The Reggae Soul EP, has caught the ear of her Reggae loving Caribbean fans with tracks such as Beautiful and Let Love Take Over. However, it is her R&B/Soul-inspired ballads, Hip Hop, and Dance tracks that have been really making a mark. 


Since deciding to professionally pursue music in 2009, Kei Dubb has made colossal strides toward her goal of being a leading creative force in her generation. International radio and television interviews, airplay, performances (including her very own “Love Stories LIVE!”) have all been a part of the tapestry of her career. Yet, after being closely mentored by the legendary Fredric Nathaniel “Toots” Hibbert and having a relatively successful year, the close of 2015 would see Kei taking a hiatus.  


Fast-forward to the second quarter of 2022, and Kei asserts that while no one knows the future, fans can look forward to new music, and new arrangements of old favourites reflecting new horizons. Being a former Dancer and Choreographer who has had much success in both arenas, Kei’s artistic perspective is diverse. She has an uncanny ability to ease creatively through genres and her range is broad. A true soul singer, she has a depth that reaches beyond her years – most evident when she sings live. 


Although just returning to the music scene, Kei Dubb is already generating much interest. She is already becoming a popular request as an entertainer and host. Truly, she is back on the scene as the consummate professional, armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience. And she is taking all of it with her. With her hands fixed firmly to the plough, Kei is doing things differently this time around. She described her hiatus as one of much-needed personal and professional growth.


“The truth is, while I may have been away from the front-facing aspects of my career. I have still been very active in the arts. I have grown in my talents as a host, entrepreneur, and creative technologist. I became a Barack Obama Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellow, travelled the world, and spent much time growing as a composer, producer, and engineer. Professionally, I also got into podcasting, project management and sleuth of other skill stacking activities that have allowed me to stretch myself and build a solid foundation for this dispensation of Kei Dubb. Now, Kei Dubb is managed by my very own Creative-Technology company and the company and Kei Dubb brand is well-positioned for and increasingly digitally-reliant age!” 


Kei’s growth as a technologist and businesswoman is evident in her return. Her digital media strategies for getting her name and face in-front of the eyes and ears of her target market. Her approach is intentional, steady, and ultimately effective. Her growth in the digital space is expanding consistently and sustainably. The recent release of live concert snippets have had fans talking and requesting a live album at some point in her career. Every appearance, new music release, and body of work is confirmation that this young entertainer has a bright future and it will be an absolute thrill to watch her grow from strength to strength.



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