Business Models and Creatives (Pt. 2): 3 Tips for Building the Right Business Model for You

Business models, as emphasized in our most recent blog post, stand as foundational pillars of success across industries. While the market offers a plethora of models, not every model resonates with every business or entrepreneur. After all, each business, even within similar sectors or offerings, boasts its unique DNA.

This uniqueness is especially palpable in service-centric sectors like arts and culture. Here, the distinctiveness of each artist or creative professional comes to the fore. Elements such as individual temperament, geographical influences, preferred methodologies, skill proficiencies, technological access, and other tangible and intangible assets collectively shape an artist’s optimal business blueprint.

For a business to truly flourish, it’s imperative to revisit existing models, tailoring them to fit individual nuances. Let’s delve into four guiding principles to help you sculpt a business structure that resonates with both your professional ambitions and personal aspirations.


Crafting a Tailored Business Model: Aligning Personal and Professional Priorities


1. Harmonizing Business and Life Aspirations

Modern times advocate for a holistic approach, where personal happiness and professional success coalesce seamlessly. Advancements in technology, with productivity tools and automation at the forefront, empower us to strike this equilibrium. So, how does one craft such a harmonious existence?

The journey commences by recognizing that personal aspirations shouldn’t be at odds with professional objectives. Reflect upon the following prompt:

  • What personal commitments are non-negotiable for you?


Personal Insight: Weekends hold a special place for me. Fridays are dedicated to winding down work, followed by cherished moments with loved ones, and relishing my favorite Jamaican-style delicacies. Saturdays strike a balance between leisure and preparation for the ensuing week. Sundays? They’re sacrosanct – a sanctuary of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.


2. Embracing Individuality in Workflow

Every individual’s personality is a treasure trove of assets. It’s counterproductive for creatives to mimic generic business blueprints, especially if they clash with their inherent traits. Success often lies in embracing one’s unique rhythm.

Personal Insight: My work rhythm oscillates between administrative tasks early in the week to creative pursuits towards their end. Recognizing and aligning with such natural inclinations enhances productivity and satisfaction.


3. Diversifying Task Timings for Optimal Output

The beauty of a creative career lies in its flexibility. Unlike traditional roles, creative professionals have the liberty to earmark specific times for distinct activities. This segmentation not only streamlines operations but also elevates the quality of deliverables.

Personal Insight: Embarking on a podcast venture, I meticulously strategized its format and release cadence, ensuring alignment with my overarching commitments. This foresight ensured a consistent and high-quality output, perfectly tailored to my pace.


4. Monetization Mindset

Ultimately, a thriving business model should culminate in revenue generation, converting creative endeavors into tangible returns.

While crafting your business narrative, remember: that authenticity is invaluable, but strategic alignment amplifies impact. Tailor your business model, ensuring it mirrors your unique essence while resonating with your target audience’s needs. In this digital era, where creativity knows no bounds, let your business blueprint be as unique as your craft.



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